Customized Coaching
Better Yourself
Reach Goals

Ladies Doubles

Sharing with you consistency, control and footwork. Coaching strategy, motivation and success.

Junior Tennis

Building confidence and athleticism. Discover the sport of a lifetime for all ages and all levels.

Men’s Workout

Get in shape. Improve your game. Competitive fun. Flexible scheduling.

Tennis & Fit SuperStart
  • Become a tennis player.
  • Learn the sport of a lifetime.
  • Get fit, play with friends and have fun.
  • Footwork, strokes, athleticism, and esteem.
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Customized Coaching
  • Layout a goal
  • Analyze and work on footwork
  • Improve strokes
  • Simulated play
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Killer Kick Serve
  • 10 One hour lessons
  • Analyze strokes and footwork.
  • Improve all aspects of game
  • Build athleticism and competitiveness
  • Climb to the next level.
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Raise Your Game
  • 1 to 10 One Hour Lessons
  • Establish Goals
  • Layout Process
  • Accomplish Goals
  • Set Future Path
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Skype Coaching
  • Video of your game play required (20 min)
  • Analysis of all strokes and footwork.
  • Discovery of process to improve game.
  • 30 minute Skype conference to share process.
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